We started our drop-off catering service in 2011 as our main business. Initially, the service was spread out by word of mouth among the corporate or office people and we are so grateful that the support through word of mouth has been continuous until today. And we are grateful that now we are able to expand our market segment to private event organizers and individuals who would like to plan their birthday parties, bridal showers and even a small workshop. 

We understand that there are many challenges in organizing corporate events, be it a small meeting or a 3 day seminar across several departments, and one of it is preparing the food. Sometimes, you would just like to serve things simple and straightforward. We are here to take the load off your hands with our fuss free drop off catering. We provide simple, wholesome food that will be able to suit all taste buds and preferences. Besides that, drop off catering allows you to stick to your budget and take control of the way you present to your guest.

Lunch box

If you would like to view our full menu and price list,

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*We are also able to customize your own picnic event style & theme, based on your budget and dietary preference.*

We provide a one stop centre to serve the client with an array of services, from corporate events to individual party planning. Consult our team when you are:


- Arranging an early morning breakfast meeting

- Organising a special corporate luncheon for the managing director or board of directors

- Arranging last minute meetings or seminars

- Looking for something different from the boring or messy type of food you usually order

- Planning  lunch or breakfast boxes for your corporate team or for your guests (especially children!)

- Organising an indoor picnic event with picnic food catering

- Organizing an office trip and you need fuss free food to eat while traveling 

- Facing requests for nutritious yet delicious and fun food 

- Required to impress your VIP guests with a wide range of picnic food menu selections that are casual yet classy

- Searching for fresh and sophisticated drop off platters which are exquisitely presented and are ready to be served.

- Serving your guests or entertaining clients in your office for a picnic theme at your favourite venue, our full or drop -off catering services can make your event truly special and memorable.



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Get Rid Of Boring & Messy Food

Nutritious Yet Delicious & Fun Food