1. What areas do you send to?

We are able to deliver all over the Klang Valley.


2. What is the minimum order?

There is NO minimum order for the Kota Damansara area. The minimum order is based on the delivery area. Do ask our friendly team members for more details!


3. Is there a delivery charge?

There is NO delivery charge for the Kota Damansara, Mutiara Damansara, Damansara Perdana &Bandar Utama areas. For other areas, the charges are based on the delivery area. Do ask our friendly team members for more details!


4. I’m lactose intolerant, can I still have your sandwiches/spaghetti/salad?

Yes you can! We can take out the cheese and butter from the sandwiches, spaghetti and salad. We will also be able to switch the Caesar salad sauce to lighter olive oil based dressing. The only item that is unsuitable for lactose intolerant individuals would be the pesto as it already has cheese in it. Do kindly let our team members know if you are lactose intolerant and we will adjust your orders accordingly.


5. I’m a strict vegetarian/vegan. Do you have any options for me?

Yes we do! Please do let us know before hand which items you are not able to consume (eg: onions, garlic, cheese, eggs and etc.) and we will gladly omit them from your orders. The options we have that are suitable for vegetarians are the: Sauteed Mushroom Sandwich, Grilled Vege Sandwich, Tapau Rollup Grilled Vege, Egg Sandwich, Tapau Rollup Scrambled Egg, Plain Caesar Salad, Spaghetti Aglio Olio Grilled Vege, Bruschetta (salsa, scrambled egg, mushroom).


6. I need it delivered very early in the morning. Are you able to send it to me?

Our earliest delivery is at 9.30 am. If you would need your items earlier, we can deliver them with an early morning surcharge. Have a chat with our team member on the delivery area and time of delivery and we will let you know how much the charges would be.


7. What is the difference between drop off catering and full catering?

Drop off catering is where we drop off nicely packed food items at the lobby of your event venue. Full catering entails a buffet set up and may/may not include plates and cutlery as well as servers. It all depends on your requirements and budget.


8. I would like to have a picnic outdoors; can you help me set up the picnic area and the buffet table as well?

Yes, we most definitely can, as picnics are our forte! Just let us know your budget and theme and we will do our best to deliver to your needs. Talk to our team members for more details or for ideas!


9. Can I bring outside food when I book to have an event at The Picnic Table?

You can bring your birthday cake as well as up to 2 desserts. However, any other outside food is not allowed.


If you don’t see your inquiry here, please feel free to shoot us an email at or whatsapp us at 017-6862076 / 017-2070407 for answers to your questions.