Simply Spaghetti

~ All Day Menu ~

Created by:

The Picnic Table 

by Simply Sandwiches


Meat Options:

1. Plain                 RM8        2. Chicken Salami RM12.50 

3. Beef Salami     RM13.50      4. BBQ Chicken    RM15 

5. Beef Bacon         RM18      6. Lamb Shank     RM32


-The spaghetti tossed in healthy oil, garlic and spices. Pick your own fillings

to make the experience complete. All pastas come with cherry tomatoes,  mushrooms and coriander-

(Please Pick 2 types from the vege options:

Brocolli, Cherry Tomato, Mushrooms, 

Capsicum, eggplant)

A. The Aglio Olio

Vegetarian Options:

1. Plain               RM8          2. Grilled Vege      RM15      


Seafood Options:

1. Smoked Salmon   RM18      2. Grilled Prawn    RM20

3. Squid                RM20      4. Clams              RM20

5. Soft Shell Crab    RM23     6. Spicy Seafood    RM28


(A combination of all our seafood favourite: prawns, squid and clams)