We have constantly catered for our clients meetings, workshops, training, international client meet & greet sessions, and internal employees'  parties. We keep on receiving more new corporate clients based through their word-of-mouth and recommendations within their networks.

What Our Customers Say About Us


"Sun is the best filter. Gigih  Ya Allah sedap giler!!!!! Soft Shell Crab Sandwich by @simplysandwiches . Puassssss #sandwich #lunch #delivery #delicious "

Nur Aziantie (BNM)


"Sekarang ni, setiap kali ada functios makan kat office, mesti semua orang tanya sandwich sedap ada tak?

Kalau takde diaorang buat muka frust, so now, seminggu sebelum makan2, diaorang mesti tanya sandwich ada tak?

Dan yang selalu habis dulu is your sandwich, I secara tal langsung bangga lah sebab 1st food habis dulu..."


(Maybank, Bangsar)


"I'd like to thank you and your partners for such a wonderful experience at The Picnic Table. Food was delish and my guests love the ambiance."

Nani (Petaling Jaya)

Walk In

"The best spot to have light food. Not so heavy lunch with such a cozy place. Totally love it!"

Rabieyatul Adreeyana  

(Petaling Jaya)