5 Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day

Hey folks! International Women’s Day falls today and as a company that is all for women-run businesses and lady bosses everywhere (and whose clientele are mostly made up of strong, amazing women), we are celebrating IWD2019 in full force!

With this year’s theme being #balanceforbetter, it’s time we start conversations around having more women in business, in STEM based industries and in top positions in the corporate world. We still have a long way to go but let’s strive together to make sure we have a gender-balanced world.

Shazlin Balance for Better IWD2019

Our manager with the #balanceforbetter pose

How can we, at the grassroots level, move towards #balanceforbetter and push for more inclusivity at the workplace and in the marketplace for women? Here are some ways we can show up:

1. Contribute to a charity or non profit that puts women’s rights at the forefront.

For example, Women’s Aid Organization which helps women dealing with domestic abuse. Donate or share it with someone you know who is going through domestic violence.

Another great organization to look into is Women:girls. They organize workshops at schools where they invite mentors to give talks and inspire the girls.

If you can’t contribute money, perhaps you can volunteer your time tutoring girls at your local orphanage. With education, they stand a fair chance at getting into higher education or into good jobs.

2. Purchase something from a Woman owned business.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a dress, a cold pressed juice or even pisang goreng from your favourite aunty down the road. Buying their products is a show of support and in turn boosts our economy. Focusing on women owned businesses levels the playing field for both genders and allows us to be competitive in a healthy way.

3. Start a project with your children this weekend that’s inspired by women in various fields.

Fire google up to research on prominent women throughout the centuries like Cleopatra, Marie Curie, Oprah. Show them that women can accomplish what men can whether it’s a Billion Dollar empire or several Olympic Medals.

4. Organize a support group or meet up for the women in your life.

Focus on building each other up and helping the ones who are struggling. Perhaps you can have a lunch group for the ladies at the office where you brainstorm how to solve problems at work and/or home. Imagine being proactive and giving more value to your boss as a team? Can someone say, bonus? ;)

Or maybe you could start a hiking group for you friends during the weekends if you’re looking to smash your fitness resolutions. Strength in numbers, ladies!

Make up Class at The Picnic Table

5. And last but not least, support our ladies in the arts.

Attend live performances by our local female powerhouses like Najwa and Zee Avi. Request for their songs on your local station. Attend a stand up comedy, poetry slam or story telling showcase by women to support their artistic endeavours.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to chime in in the comments! Have a great weekend, ladies (and gents ;) )

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