3 Ways How We Can Help You Do Charity (Sedekah) This Ramadhan

As we welcome the return of the Holy month ramadhan, many of us are busy preparing dinner for our families and flocking to the mosques for Terawikh. However, we have to remember that Ramadhan is also the perfect time for giving to those who need it the most. If you are clueless on where to start or where to contribute to, here are some ways we can help you Sedekah this Ramadhan:

1. Join our Raikan Ramadhan Project

Raikan Ramadhan

The purpose of our Raikan Ramadhan Project is to share Simply Sandwiches with those who will not usually get the opportunity to have them. We believe in giving them something special and nutritious during this Holy month. Be it our sandwiches or spaghetti.

Rumah Anak Yatim Syifa

How does it work? Our regular customers will send us a monetary donation to purchase our food and we will send the purchased meals to orphans and children from low income households. We also send our food to Muslim refugees as well. This year we have a curated list of 15 houses, some of which we have been sending to for the past few years. If you would like to contribute, please contact us at 017-6862076 and 03-74974259. Any amount is welcome.

Rumah Nursakinah

2. Donate Some of our Sandwiches or Finger Food to your Local Masjid.

Masjid Donations 1

Masjid Donations 2

Our finger sandwiches and our chicken wings are the perfect finger food for berbuka. They are light enough to allow us to perform prayers well and yet they are filling enough to satisfy an empty stomach.

It’s the perfect way to contribute to your community, you never know who in the Jemaah needs the extra help feeding their family.

3. Throw an Iftar Gathering for your Friends and Family.

Feeding your extended family and friends not only counts as charity, it also means you get Pahala for strengthening that Silaturrahim.

If you find yourself too tired to cook or you’d much rather focus on your Ibadah and your family, we’ll take care of the food for you. Choose from some of our Premade Packages that suits all budgets or if you want more convenience, have your Iftar at our place!

Our current promo is only RM 1000 for a private event for 20-30 pax and it’s cheaper than our usual packages (even with the extra add on hours).

Ramadhan Event Promo 2019

Here are just a few ideas how to give back to the community and help other people during this Holy month. If you have some ideas of your own and would like to partner with us to spread the sandwich love, do let us know! Ramadhan Kareem to you!

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